One more project completed on your highness’ lands.

The residential area of Hallsville in Canning Town in East London is ready and the ceilings and partitions in plasterboard have our mark.

In Canning Town one of London’s largest regeneration programs is being run. Sequenced in five phases, the project will give Canning Town a new life. The second phase, already completed, included the construction of 349 new housing units (160 apartments for sale, 55 low-cost flats and 134 for social lease). The typologies range from T1 to T3. In the heart of residential project, phase 1 and 2, is the patio garden of 5,700m2. The garden is accessible to residents of all ages and offers a variety of amenities, including a social events area, children’s play area and lawn area.
We have already left our mark on more than 200 flats.